Commercial Account Fees

The following fees may be assessed against your account and the following transaction limitations, if any, apply to your account

Commercial Accounts may be subject to Account Analysis. You may request an example of an Analysis statement if applicable.

Cash Management with Bill Pay & ACH/Fed Wire

$60.00 per month
Includes 5 ACH file originations and 2 Required Security Devices

Cash Management Security Devices

$5.00 per month each if over 2 Devices $10.00 each for replacements

Remote Deposit Capture

$75.00 per month

New VISA Instant Issue Debit Card

No Charge for Bank Stock Court House Card

Replace lost VISA Instant Issue Debit card


ATM cash withdrawal at ATMs we do not own or operate


VISA Debit Card Purchase

No Charge

VISA Debit Transaction Dollar Limit

$500.00 per day Cash
$2500.00 per day POS

VISA Gift Card

$5.00 to activate

Automatic transfer of funds from a checking account to a savings or money market account


Early Closure of Account (within six months of opening)


Multiple Account Changes in one year

$15.00 (one free per year)

Check printing

(fee depends on style of check ordered)

Cashier's checks


Originate ACH debit for loan payment at FNB

$1.00 each if recurring
$5.00 each per one-time transfer

Originate ACH deposit to account at FNB

$1.00 each if recurring
$5.00 each per one-time transfer

Loan Payment by Debit Card or Credit Card

$10.00 fee by phone only
$1000.00 maximum payment







Overdraft -(each item) -each overdraft paid created by checks, transfers, in-person withdrawals, ATM withdrawals, or other electronic means


Medallion stamp guarantee


Non-sufficient funds (NSF) each - imposed when checks, transfers or items presented by electronic means are returned unpaid


Account activity printout


Account research

$20.00 per hour (one hour minimum)

Copy of statement

$2.00 each

Statement on CD

$5.00 each

Copy of check

$0.10 each

Fax research
Long distance

No Charge
$3.00 each occurrence

Stop payments - check, other items

$25.00 each

Stop payments - ACH payments

$25.00 each


$0.10 each

Domestic wire transfers


Foreign wire transfers


Money orders


Collection sent


Deposited items returned


Telephone balance inquiry in excess of three monthly (excluding express line calls)

$1.00 each

Extra interim statements (snapshots)


Securities purchased

$100.00 per purchase

Statement reconcilement

$20.00 per hour

Non-MICR checks presented for processing


Zipper bags


Lock Boxes

$15.00 per year
$25.00 per year
$30.00 per year
$50.00 per year
$90.00 per year

*$10.00 charge if key is lost. *Drill charge varies per cost incurred.
*Lockers available at some locations

We reserve the right to refuse to handle checks not printed by our authorized check printer.