FNB Text Banking

Banking on your schedule no matter where you are!

Have you ever forgotten to get your receipt after eating out? Or maybe forgotten to write down something in your register? With FNB Text Banking, you can get a balance on your account before a big purchase or see history of what has happened on your account as fast as you can text.  

This feature is another way First National Bank helps you keep your accounts safe and secure.  

FNB Text Banking:

  • Text Banking gives you the ability to request account balances or history through a text message
  • You can use this feature even if you don't have a smart phone.  Just as long as your phone can receive texts you are able to get your balances 

Requirements for FNB Text Banking:

You must have an active online banking account. If you are not registered for FirstNet Online Banking, you will need to do that first.

Message and Data rates may apply.


Short Codes

Enter this number into your phone's contact list and name it FNB Text Banking - 79680

  Codes to use to get your information:

  • B - Balances on all of your accounts
  • H - History
  • M - More Information
  • Help - Will get you all of the information you need
  • Stop - To cancel Text Banking

 If you have more than one account they will be listed with numbers:

       1  Checking    $---.--

       2  Savings       $---.--

To see history on your Checking account you would enter H 1 and then to go further back M for more information.